You guys know that I'm not the best cook on the block. In fact I'm just a normal mom trying to get good food in my kids bellies, and there's nothing fancy about it. In fact I am extremely blessed to have a husband who not only loves to cook, but he's really good at it, and in certain seasons cooks most of the meals around here!

This Summer Aaron was gone a lot and so that meant I had to cook lots of meals for all these kids that keep asking to eat three times a day! Because I love you guys and have a small feeling that there might be some of you reading that are like me with my feelings on cooking. You love to eat, but slaving away in the kitchen all day, no thanks.

This Summer I also made a few freezer meals and let me tell you I haven't felt like mom-of-the-year more than in that moment. Putting a bunch of stuff in a freezer bag makes you feel oh so accomplished. Then when you have no idea what dinner looks like for the week ahead of you and you open that freezer to find meals already made you literally start dancing in your kitchen. I promise. Try it.

Here are a few of the crock pot meals I have made recently

Slow Cooker Chicken Chili – I actually made this a freezer meal and it was so easy to put together!


Slow Cooker Orange Chicken – This was a freezer meal too. Probably the easiest one of them all, and my kids loved it.

Slow Cooker Pot Roast – Who doesn't love to come home to the smell of a pot roast? This was so tasty and there were no cream of anything or packets of stuff involved. Just real ingredients.

Slow Cooker Pineapple Chicken – I have no idea where I got this recipe so I'm just gonna tell you what I did and feel super smart with giving you my own secret recipe.

5 chicken breasts // can of pineapple // 1/2 onion chopped // jar of BBQ sauce

Add all to crock pot and cook on low for some hours (I have no idea how long I cooked this – another reason I am not a good cook – I can't even tell you how long to cook something!)

Cayden declared this THE BET THING I have ever made! That made me feel super happy. We chopped it up and then ate over quinoa one day, and the next day with broccoli, and the next day over salad. It was the meal that kept on giving!

Here's where I got the recipes for most of the freezer meals I have made this summer: Paleo Freezer Slow Cooker Meals

I made this gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free banana bread this Summer and I must say it was just okay. I mean for the love it basically has nothing in it that would make it taste good! We ate it, and it was great for Story, but it wasn't our favorite.

Then we made this gluten-free banana bread and it was so yummy! I will do this one from now on, and I even only did 1/2 of the sugar that it asks for and still my kids all LOVED it!

So there you go friends …. Things I've made this Summer that you might enjoy as well!