I did it!!!  My 6 weeks food challenge is over and I'm so happy with the results!  The slow-carb challenge was a great way for me to boost myself into 2013 with food and eating.  I cut out all carbs, all fruit, all sugar, and all dairy …. except for the one day a week cheat day.  Which can I just say that I loved!  I mean loved!  It helped me know that in 6 days I would get to eat chips and a sandwich.  Most cheat days weren't crazy, but just a chance to eat something that you had given up.

I had amazing results and I know you are on the edge of your seat wanting to know how it turned out for me.  🙂  Drum roll ….. I lost a total of 13 pounds.  CRAZY.  I know.  My goal as I told you before was to lose 10 and possibly 15.  I'm still cutting out as much wheat, sugar and dairy as I can and continuing my supplements and I have a goal I'm reaching for, and for the first time ever in my life, I think I can do it.  I think that I'm stronger than the food, and I won't let it control me.

I also lost inches and let's be honest, those are the ones that make the difference in what we look like and how our clothes fit.  Total inches lost is 6.75 and that's from my waist, hips, thigh & arm.  Good gracious!  I've been wearing pants I haven't worn in two years and oh yes there are 2 more pair of jeans I've held on to for a few years that I'm determined to get into!  I'm also tightening and toning my belly with my body applicator wraps!  Who wouldn't want to do that?!?

I have learned so much about myself throughout this challenge.  I've always claimed that I am just an eater and enjoy good food, and while that is true, I had succumbed to letting this rule me and be my identity.  Reading the devotional during this challenge about food issues was huge for me and a great encouragement in the past 6 weeks.   God has put the power in me to be able to make good choices and take care of my body.

I told you that there were 3 things that helped me out so much during this challenge.  #1 was the devotional, Made to Crave, #2 was the supplement THERMOFIT from It Works that helped so much with cravings.  #3 was community.  Aaron did this with me, and that was a life saver for me at home.  I have horrible will power, and the fact that I had a constant encourager was such a plus for me.  I also had a fb group of friends, new and old, that were doing this with me, and it was a place for us to post recipes, ask questions, and just get lots of encouragement along the way.  Community is huge in life, and when trying to tackle a food challenge, it is essential for me.

How have your new food challenges been going?

 Leave me a comment to share your stories!

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Jamie Ivey