Deacon's puppies

Deacon gave me this once when I was feeling sick.  It says that I can “sleep wit the dogs for 2 days”.  If you have a child that has a lovey you know that this is precious.  Deacon has had these dogs since he was a baby and although he doesn't need them anymore, they are still special.  When Deacon gave me this box with his puppies and this cute note it brought me to tears.  My son was bringing me his best.  He was sacrificing his puppies so that I could have them.  Instead of him sleeping with them, he thought that for 2 nights I should be able to.

This showed me so much love from my son.  Deacon's a tricky one, and sometimes I'm not sure what's going on in his little head, but when he does something like this for me it screams I LOVE YOU.

Jamie Ivey