Tonight I went for a run.


If you remember, I have a half marathon this Saturday. Yeap in five days I'll be running 13 miles. Oh my goodness. The thought of that makes my legs hurt! I have run a 5k and 10k in the past two months, and ran my first half this past April, BUT I am not ready for this one. The last time I ran before today was the 10k on labor day. That was 14 days ago. Before that race I had not run in 8 days. My only excuse is that we started an international adoption recently, Aaron has been home lots (I hate to leave family time when he is home to go and run), and I hurt my neck in there and was not very mobile for a few days. Okay I hate making excuses, but when I report to you on Sunday how badly I did I need yout to know why.

So, today I went and ran and I ran for 38 minutes and walked in there for four mintues. I think I might die on Saturday. I had decided to just not ran on Saturday but my friend Katie is doing it and she has not been running much either. So we'll suffer together, have fun and encourage each other to just get to the finish line!

My parents are coming in town this weekend and I'm super excited. We have LOTS going on this weekend and I hate that I'm going to give them such a poor performance at the race. Oh well!

When I got home today from my run this is what was waiting on me …

Did you notice an extra kid in there? Yeap, that is our little boy in Haiti! Aaron photo shopped him right in there with the boys. I LOVE IT! I can't wait to get my boys together. We are praying that he is home by next Christmas!

So, no matter how badly I run on Saturday I know that there are two boys here that love me and think the world of me, and one boy in Haiti that will be a GREAT addition to our family, and one daddy that makes sure his boys learn how to love their mommy in all the right ways.