We have one more week of Spring Break. Yippee I know! We have a lot on our to-do list for this week and low and behold I'm sick.

I got home this morning from time with some friends and literally in a matter of minutes I felt sick and was on the couch. It was like a wave of sickness passed over me and took me prisoner in a second.

So, now our fun day has turned into mom-lay-on-the-couch-moaning day. Fever. Chills. Sore Throat.

How can Aaron feel as though he was dying earlier in the year from the flue and I never got it. And I slept next to that sick boy every single night.

Now it's Spring Break and I feel miserable. Plain miserable.

So, there's my complaining for the day. It's out there.


One more complain.

During my “Giada at Home” marathon this afternoon a commercial came on that got my attention. First of all it's for a vacuum. Everyone needs one. It showed a mom inviting her friends over for dinner and dogs running on her floor and then the moment when she brings out the vacuum to show us how easy it is to get our floors all dirty and then clean them up.

Notice anything? Here she is:


Yes she has heels on.  Who the heck vacuums with heels on?

Okay enough complaining.  At least I'm watching hours of cooking channel and making a mental note of all I want to make.