If you don’t know, our house is on the market.  We’re going to be moving in August and we’ve had it up on the market for 6 weeks as of today and have had about 5 people look at it.  That’s not a lot in my book.  This is our first house to sell, but I thought we would have people looking a couple times a week.  In fact tomorrow it is showing and it will be the first time since we’ve been back from Haiti that anyone has looked.

I have such mixed feelings about selling the house.  On one hand I want the people that look tomorrow to buy, so we don’t have to stess over it anymore, but on the other hand I don’t want to move until August.  Maybe they’ll say that they want to buy it, but can’t move in until August!  Wouldn’t that be lovely.

So, tonight I did a quick clean job.  One good thing about a small house is that it takes me no time to clean the whole place.  I cleaned both bathrooms (minus tubs) and dusted the whole house, and cleaned the kitchen.  In the morning I’ll sweep, mop and vacuum.  I didn’t want to stay up all night putting crap away so i piled every loose piece that wasn’t in its home into a laundry basket and i’m taking it with me tomorrow when we leave!!!  I love it!!

So, pray our house sells, but could you ask God if we could stay here until August at least.  😉

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