I go away for a weekend and Aaron writes two amazing posts for me!  I told him he could post for me while I was gone, but I didn't know he was going to write posts that would blow up my little space of internet world.  Y'all his posts “the mom problem” got the most hits of any posts I have ever written on here.  The post before this one with the most hits was from when Amos joined our family.  He smashed that stat right out of the water.  I have a feeling you have already read it, but if not, please go check it out.  You will love it!

It's always fun to arrive home from a trip and go through the mail.  Am I the only one here, or do you too enjoy that.  I like to see what has been sent to me, what catalogs I can look through, and if there's a package for me, then that's even better.  I did arrive home to a package and it was my 5th STITCHFIX!  I couldn't wait to see what goodness awaited me this time.

First I must explain something.  I hurt my back on my last day of my trip, so if these pictures look like I'm standing in an odd position, it's because I probably am.  Also I want you to see what I was looking at with each picture.  I had asked Story to take the pictures and here's what she was wearing:

photo 2

I mean how could you not smile, even through the pain, if this is who is taking your picture?!!?  Love this girl and her style!

Here we go:

photo 1

The sweater is amazing and I love it.  I worry about the shortness of it.  Is this the style these days?  I'm old I guess.  These pants are awesome and so comfy, but let me explain.  They aren't really pants, but more like leggings with fake pockets and such.  They are stretchy and move great, but I can't get past the fact that they aren't really pants at all.  Aaron doesn't like leggings on girls.  He thinks if you have leggings on you should be at the gym, not running around town.  Not sure if I should keep or not, because I'm not sure that I have enough long shirts/sweaters to wear with them.  Thoughts?

photo 3

This tank is the best thing I might have ever gotten from them!  From the picture you can't tell, but it's actually a pretty thick fabric and it hangs just right to cover up my least favorite part of my body {the belly – anyone else?!?} and still looks like a normal shirt and not maternity.  I will wear the heck out of this come warmer weather!

photo 4

Once again this top does great work on hiding my mid section.  It is tighter around the bottom and looser in the middle, which I love.  Also I normally don't ask for necklaces from them,but I decided to get one this time and I love this!

This is my first stitch where I literally could buy every single thing on here.  Remember if you buy all five things you also get a 25% discount.  So my question is this …. should I get the pants that I kinda like, even though Aaron doesn't, just to get a good deal and hope that I find ways to wear them?  Or just get the ones we love and not worry about the discount?

If you haven't tried Stitch Fix you really should!  It's super easy and someone shops for you!  You fill out a pretty in depth survey about your likes, dislikes and sizes and they do the shopping for you!  It's $20 per shipment, but whatever you buy they add that to it.  And like I mentioned above if I purchased all of these I would get 25% off and my grand total would be $183 for five items.  Not too bad if you ask me.

Also if you tell your friends and they try it out with your promotional code then you earn $25 to shop with.  That has been great for me to use with each purchase!

So help me out here friends …

1.  Should I keep the pants?  I kinda like them and Aaron doesn't like them.

{I should mention I have a credit and they won't cost me anything.}

2.  Have you tried StichFix?  Your thoughts.