*UPDATE* Shirts are no longer for sale.

You know you love a good fitting t-shirt. The kind that you could sleep in and wear for 3 days straight because it just feels that good. Well that's what I'm bringing you people. The good t-shirts. Not the crappy ones that crinkle when you put them on, but the ones that actually make you want to take a nap in them! {Have I sold you yet?}

Seriously, the profit from these shirts will go towards an organization that we love, The 100 People Network. It was started through our church a few years ago, and we are huge fans. There's a video on the link to the network that you should watch if you are curious as to what it is.


Jamie Ivey Shirt5

Jamie Ivey Shirt6

We also have kids shirts that look just like the ones above, but just in a kids size! Your kids don't need another crappy shirt from Target, but they need an original t-shirt!

THANK YOU so much for ordering a shirt and for donating your funds to an amazing organization.  Since it's the holiday's and we'll be traveling a bit until the middle of January, I can't guarantee this shirt before Christmas, but I can guarantee it before Valentine's day!!!  Thanks for your support and your patience.

If you are looking to sell shirts to raise money for a mission trip or organization you might want to check out FUND THE NATIONS. They were great to work with.

*If you have any questions leave me a comment and I'll get back with you!*
*I will be selling these shirts until January 7th*