Last month I mentioned four podcasts that I have recently been a guest on, and today I have two more to share with you. Earlier this month I was invited to chat with Danielle and Jen from She Percolates and we had a great time. I always think it's super fun to be on the other end of the microphone, to be the one answering questions and not coming up with them.

On this show I shared with them exactly why I started a podcast, and how I was in the radio world for a blink of an eye a few years ago. We also talked about how I measure success as a podcaster, and why we should value ourselves more.

This was a fun interview, and I'd love for you to listen and then if you like their show go ahead and subscribe!

Listen: Episode #75: Jamie Ivey of The Happy Hour



Recently a friend from when Aaron and I were first married has started podcasting. I am loving watching her and her co-host find their groove and love this realm of media as much as I do. When Amanda asked me to join her on Living Out Loud with Alley & Amanda I was excited to join.

We chatted about adoption, marriage, podcasting, super clubs, plus much more. I'd love for you to listen & if you enjoy subscribe to their show.

Listen: Episode #7: Jamie Ivey of The Happy Hour