This week my kids are at their second VBS of the summer.  Thankfully this one is from the Methodist church so it's a different theme then the Baptist one we've already done!!  🙂


This theme is “shake it up” and about cooking.  Well it's really about Jesus, but they use cooking terms throughout the week.  So this has brought on lots of cooking talk around here.  My kids love to help Aaron in the kitchen.  I'm a bad mom and don't enjoy having the kids in the kitchen when I cook.  Probably because I don't like to cook, that when I'm in there I just want to get in and get it done!


So yesterday after lunch the boys declared to me that they were going to have a restaurant and would I like to be their customer.  I walked in to the restaurant, AKA the playroom, and they had a table ready for me as soon as I walked in.  The chef (Deacon) asked if I would prefer breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I asked him what was his specialty and what was best at this restaurant.  He thought for a moment and then without skipping a beat stated that they have great margaritas during lunch and dinner.  So of course I decided I would love to have the dinner menu!


The service was remarkable at the SHAKE IT UP CAFE and the food was very plastic good!  I was informed by the pizza maker (Amos) and the waiter (Cayden) that this restaurant would be a great place for me to come back with my husband when he's in town.  They claimed it is a great date night place and they have wine from France.


Aren't they cute!

Cayden's holding the wine (orange Izzie) that was served to me straight from France!

Jamie Ivey