Okay this post is difficult to write and could be difficult for you to read and view. If you don't like gross pictures I suggest you NOT look.

Today Lori took me down to the clinic to see a dressing change.  I have followed this woman's story over from the Livesay's and then on Lori and Licia's blogs too.  She has been here about a year and was severely burned on about 40% of her body.  It was basically from her neck down to her thighs.  She has been having dressing changes for over a year now and she still looks so bad.  It is a miracle that she is alive.

She is in her 60's and lives in the rescue center.  She is getting all her service for free and her life has been saved.  Her lower body has healed a lot but her chest is still pretty much open skin.

Here are the pictures of her dressing change.  Honestly if you can't handle it STOP now.