It's time to talk about our September book club read, If You Only Knew, written by yours truly. I knew I wanted to host a book club with my book when it released, but I had a few setbacks. First of all, I wasn't prepared for all of the things that you had to do after a book release, and so the book club idea fell between the cracks. Secondly, honestly it's hard to host a book club that reads YOUR OWN book, so I kept putting it off. But when you guys were asking to continue the book club into September, I thought I could finally ask you guys to join me in reading the book I wrote.

I believe in this message so much that I want more and more women to read this book. I believe that women want to be set free from shame and the fear of being known. In this book, I go first. I share my struggles first so that hopefully you can be brave to share yours as well. It's my story of letting go of shame and insecurity and embracing the truth of the gospel. It is my encouragement to us all to trust the things God says about us to be true.

On Instagram this week we're giving away five copies of my book + this awesome tote bag to two lucky winners. We want to help jump-start your book club for you, and what better way than giving you books to hand out to your friends when you invite them to read with you.

If you have already read the book, you can still join us. Tell your friends how much you loved it (if you did!) and convince them to read it with you! I'd also love a review on Amazon from you if you have already read. It feels weird to ask that, but you have no idea how much that helps an author out.

If you have not read this book yet but want to you can try to win the copies on Instagram, or go ahead and grab your copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Lifeway (on sale for $5!!). Also, while you are at it, go get yourself a tote back from Espwa. Each #4ThingsTote showcases YOUR fave 4 things & also spreads hope in Haiti!  Espwa is currently supporting @danitaschildren, so each tote will help rescue, love, and care for orphans & impoverished children in Haiti.  Look super cute showing off your favorite things & feel good carrying your tote knowing that it is giving children in Haiti the gift of a bright future through Danita’s Children!

Let's get to reading!