Way back in the day when we were parents to one child we had grand visions of getting their picture taken every month for their first year.  I dreamed of looking at my hallway walls and seeing them grow up through pictures.  About month four with Cayden I started to realize how stupid this was.  For one thing by the time I got the pictures back and got them sent out to grandparents it was already time to get new pictures and they had already changed so much.  Also, how many pictures really do I need around my house of my child in their first year?  Twelve 8×10's hanging on the wall began to not excite me anymore!

Then child #2 arrived and I don't think he had a professional picture until he was about 6 months old.  Then not another one until we had family pics at 12 months.  It was fine and worked well this way.

During the waiting time for child #3 and child #4 our friend Bush developed his skills as a master photographer.  He does most of our family pictures and we are blessed to have him in our lives.

Today Deacon's school did school group pictures.  As I was walking in a friend of mine reminded me that the money for those pictures was due today.  I told her that we don't do school pictures and she kinda stopped in her tracks.  I then explained that when you have four kids those pictures will begin to cost a fortune.  Then you throw in soccer pictures and football pictures and by the end of the year you've spent a fortune on pictures that really aren't even that good anyways!  We decided last year when Cayden did football and started kindergarten that we will pass on these pictures.  I'll get a class school picture each year and that's it.

What do you guys with four or more kids do about school pictures?

For us, why would I buy school pictures when Bush does stuff like this for us:





Jamie Ivey