In episode #70, Aaron and I talked about this new dish that is my “go-to” meal these days. It's no secret that I don't enjoy cooking very much and am not that good of a cook either. I mean the truth is that I'm probably very normal, but I happen to be married to someone who loves to cook and is actually really good at it. So that brings my level of “goodness” down drastically. The odds are not in my favor!

A few months ago my friend Laura told me about this new meal that our other friend Amanda had told her about. She said it was her go-to meal for taking food to people's houses.

Let's stop right here.

I can't be trusted to sign up for meal calendar's for friends that need them. Last week I got a text from a friend that said, “Hey I'm sure something came up, but just wondering what time you were planning on bringing the meal to our house that you signed up for?”. Yeap I had forgotten. Just call me Friend-Of-The-Year. My sweet friend is mothering four small kids and I can't even remember to bring her the meal that we talked about the day before. Yes, I had even texted her the DAY BEFORE to schedule a good time, and then I still forgot.

So, let it be said right here. That was my last meal to sign up for. I can't be trusted to feed other people. It's too much for me. If you have a baby, I would love to create the meal calendar for you. That's using my giftings. I can even send out a mass email asking others to sign up. BUT I can not sign up. No more.

Oh and just so you know the craziness of this, that was not the first time I totally forgot to take a meal to a family with a new baby. Guys it's not good. If you have a new baby don't rely on me for anything.

Anyhow … back to the sausage meal.

IF you are the one that likes to sign up to take meals to people this is a great one, or if you are like me and you just need something easy that tastes delish to feed your family this is for you.

Here's what you buy:

  • sausage links – I get the turkey ones, and they are basically already cooked and you just need to get them hot
  • potatoes – I have used regular ones, and I've used small red ones it's totally up to you
  • string beans – I get the package from HEB that's supposed to be heated in microwave. Just open up that package and you are good to.
  • butter
  • seasonings

Hold tight because this is about to get good:

  1. Cut up the potatoes into small chunks and add to baking dish
  2. Throw in the string beans
  3. Cut up the links and add to dish
  4. Cut up some butter and put on the top
  5. S&P + garlic never hurt anyone
  6. Cover with foil and cook on 350 for 60 minutes.

Seriously guys SO EASY.

You are very welcome.