I guess I'm now an official soccer mom.  This morning we had our first game and in about an hour we head back out to the fields for the second game of the day.  All three boys are playing and thank goodness this league allowed Deacon to play up with Amos this year so that I only have two practices a week and two games each weekend.  All of them on different teams would have put me in the looney bin this year.  Next year, I think I can handle it, not this year!

This morning we got all our water bottles ready, loaded up the chairs for the sidelines and got Cayden dressed in his cool uniform and ready to go.  I thought I was super mom and we arrived at the fields around 8:30, just in time for his 8:45 game.

We started walking towards the fields when I spotted his maroon friends and knew we were at the right place.  Then I kept looking and noticed that they were running around after a ball and there were also little kids in white uniforms running with them.  OH CRAP it's his game.  They already started.

My first game and I'm late.  Dang.  Oh well, what can I say.  Four kids, husband out of town and we show up late for the first game.  🙂

They had only been playing a few minutes, so Cayden jumped right in he had so much fun!  During half time he looked at me with the biggest smile and told me that he loved soccer!  Yippee!  He actually did really good and I was super proud of him.  I think he might be a soccer boy!

After Cayden's game I found the little boys coach and made sure I knew what time to be there!  Don't want to be late to both games today!!  The boys are all dressed and ready to go even though we don't leave for another 45 minutes!

After the little boys game we'll get some pizza, come home real quick to get Carson, and hit the road to my parents house for the night to celebrate my dad's birthday!  Yippee!

Hope your Saturday is great!



Jamie Ivey