I had a dream last night that I saw Sarah Palin in a restaurant.  She was sitting all alone and no one was around her.  I debated and debated about going and talking to her and finally I did.

Can you guess what I talked to her about?

Oh yes I told her all about Haiti and asked for her help.  I told her they were desperate for help and asked if she could get some help for us!

I woke up and laughed at myself for dreaming about Mrs. Palin and for the fact that literally I am always talking about Haiti!

If you read my blog and you're tired of hearing about Haiti …. sorry.  It's my life right now.  They need is HUGE and maybe by next week I can tell you all the amazing things on my mind about my church that I have fallen madly in love with.  I will also tell you about Cayden's life back at school and how I found a great babysitter too!