The Peach Pit, Monk's Cafe, The Central Perk Coffee House, The Max, and Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand all have something in common.  Yes they are all from the TV shows that we grew up watching and loved, but they have something else in common.  They are where people came together and did life.  How many conversations can you recount from Friends and Seinfeld that were held at their favorite restaurant?  Lots.  They were there every episode!

There is something so magical about having your place.  You know the one where the magic happens.  Where conversations are held and hearts are shared.

On one hand I want to have that place.  I want to walk into a restaurant and have the same waiter each time, that knows just how I like my food cooked.  They know my drink order and want to meet my friends when I bring them there.  It feels dreamy.

But on the other hand, I feel as though I always worry that I am missing out.  What if there is this great fusion food restaurant that I never try out because on all of our date nights we go to the same spot.  Would there be better food and drinks that I was missing out on?

This is why I will never have a spot that's my spot.   Aaron and I have something about as close to this as we will ever get in one of our favorite restaurants in town, Mother's.  We used to eat lunch there every Tuesday. It was our date day.  We had the same waiter and were determined to try everything on the menu.  He kept a paper menu for us, and we scratched off 2 new items each week.  It was so fun and we are still on a first name basis with that waiter.  It was fun while it lasted, but eventually we felt that draw to see what else we could fall in love with on a Tuesday lunch date.   I'm still in need of crossing off a few items on the menu.

How about you?  Do you have a place that is yours?  Every date night you show up there.  Every coffee meeting you are there.  Or, are you like us, where you want this so badly, but you are also so intrigued with trying everything, that you don't frequent anywhere?  What's the newest restaurant you've tried?  Leave a comment and tell me the name and what city it's in, who knows we might be there soon to try!

Jamie Ivey