Back in February we attended an adoption conference here in Austin called A FUTURE AND A HOPE adoption conference.  Tonight as I was going through some old papers in my box of “stuff to keep b/c I might want to read it again someday” I found the folder that they handed out at the conference.  I thought I'd share a few things that they had to say in there about adoption.

People are always talking to us about adoption, so I thought I'd share this bit of information that was in the packet.


  1. What are my biggest fears regarding adoption?
  2. Do/will my close family and friends support my decision to adopt?  If not, why?
  3. How do I define the concept of family?  In other words, what is a family?
  4. What personal experience(s) do I have regarding adoption – whether positive or negative?
  5. Does adoption seem “normal” to me?
  6. If married, does my spouse have the same ideas about the adoption?
  7. What have I done thus far to educate myself about adoption?
  8. What, if anything, do I feel that I would lose or be “giving up” if I chose to adopt?
  9. Why do/would I want to adopt?
  10. How do I feel about birthparents (i.e. the biological parents of children who are adopted)?
  11. How do I see my faith being a part of the adoption process?

I thought those were great questions when I read them.  Of course there are no right or wrong answers, but yet these are there to get you thinking and talking about what's in your heart and mind.  Maybe if you are considering adoption these would be great questions to bring along on your next date night with your spouse and you can share your heart with him/her.

Jamie Ivey