The past two evenings I have done something that I love.  I love to do this even though I don't remember the last time I did.   I feel so good after I do this.  I have never done this with the kids before, but yesterday and today I did.  They did great.  We took books, water and snacks and they were good to go!

I went out on the road and I RAN!  I seriously do not remember the last time I ran.  I miss it.  I enjoy it.  It is hard right now.  It makes me feel good.  I'm embarrassed that last year I ran 2 half marathon's, a 10K and 2 5K's and now it is almost July and I haven't ran one time this entire year.  UGH!  AWFUL!

I ran with my kids in our double stroller or High chair.  A stroller that was made for strolling, not for running!  It is hard pushing an extra 50-60 pounds on a run!!!  On the side where Cayden sits was extra heavy (obviously) and that arm was killing me more than my legs.  He was sitting on the inside.  Any advice on my arms not hurting.  When I would walk I would move over to the side where he was and push with my left arm only.   Should the heaviest child sit on the inside or the outside of the stroller?

Each night I have ran 2.2 miles.  Tonight I did it in 31 minutes.  I use the word “ran” loosely.  My plan each night has been walk for 2 minutes then run for 3 minutes.  It has worked well for me.   I am hoping to do this at least 5 times a week.  When Aaron's home I won't have to take the kids and I should be super strong after pushing them all week!!

So, anyone out there that is a pro at running with kids in a stroller …. I need any help, advice, hints you might have.  Aaron said tonight that we can start looking at jog strollers.  🙂  Anyone have any advice on good ones/bad ones?