(Deacon and Story at Deacon's first doc appt when we found out he has RRP)

Many of you have asked if we have gotten the pathology report back on what they took off of Deacon's vocal chords on Monday, and the answer is NO. We thought we would have them by yesterday, but as of today still nothing.

I talked to the nurse today and she told me that the doc said his voice might not sound very different for about a week b/c there were so many “bumps” that he had to remove. I had told her yesterday I was concerned b/c he was still very hoarse and didn't sound hardly any different.

Today he has been talking a bit louder and it does sound different sometimes. 🙂

So, no news except we have already scheduled his next surgery for January 25th. After this one the doc will be able to see how aggressive they are growing back based on what he finds when he gets in there.

Here's a video I found that explains what this disease is.