Tomorrow will be Deacon's fifth surgery since last December for his RRP. We keep track of how many he has had by what flavor he chooses for his mask before surgery. He has already been planning out this one since the last surgery. Tomorrow he will choose strawberry. Surgery #1 was bubble gum, then root beer and then orange and last surgery was cake. He loves picking his flavor and I guarantee you by the next few days he'll already have his next flavor picked out for next time!

He is such a tropper!

Today we told his preschool teacher about his surgery and all that it entails and when I picked him up he had a special gift from her. She gave him a coloring book and crayons. He also had a stuffed animal that she had given him to take to the surgery with him. She told him it would help him to be brave and then he can bring it back next week when he comes back to school. How sweet is that! He told me that Ms. Carol told him to pick out any stuffed animal that he wanted for the surgery. He was just sad there wasn't a lion. I guess he likes lions and thinks they are brave. 🙂 That kid is so sweet and my momma's heart was so full today to know that his teacher cares about him and showed him love in such a sweet way. Love that!


Surgery starts at 7, so if you are up getting kids ready to school or for some reason just up would you please pray for our Deacon. Pray for his Dr and for the nurses that are with him. We pray that God would eventually take them alway. It would be a miracle and a GOD thing, but as the kids and I sing in the car all the time “nothing is impossible with God. nothing!”

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What is RRP?

When we found out he had RRP

On a brighter note, Cayden has his first football game on Saturday! He's ready and loves his new uniform. Go FALCONS!


I was driving the other day and Cayden was acting like he was reading Aaron's book! Hilarious! Have you guys read this book? Aaron's in the middle of it and loves it. I hear there's a movie coming out and that makes me want to read it!


Gosh I love these Super Hero's!


Story has them all wrapped around her fingers!


I hope that your Friday is fabulous!

Jamie Ivey