Today is day 3 of the writers #7in7 …. or is it day 2?  Wait, or did I miss a day and it's day 3?  All I know is that it's 12:52AM and I put off writing all day today, until now.  And when I say put off writing, what I really mean is that I left the house at 10:30, and this is the first time I've sat down at my computer to write all day.  So … here goes … and I'm not sure if this is day 3 or 4 or 2. Yes, I'm that weird.  And I just told Aaron that this is stupid and I don't want to do this, and so he told me I need to follow the rules.  UGH!  So here goes … 10 minutes of my thoughts.  Starting now.  


I've started working out a little bit more these days.  You see, I used to be a runner.  I still kinda stumble upon those words, used to be.  I desperately want to be a runner.  To know that I might never run a marathon in my lifetime could bring me to tears.  My back just won't let me, and about Easter of last year I fell victims to the back telling me it was time to give it up.  I might never run that marathon.

Anyhow, I've been hitting the gym more regularly because my kids are on weird school schedules and one gets out way earlier than the other.  So what is a mom to do, but go to the gym.

I've been super proud of myself and instead of running, because I can't do that without turning into an 87 year old great-grandma, I've been getting on the rowing machine and going to town.  I have felt so good about myself.  I will row for 20 minutes and then go do some weights on the machines.



Today my friend, Noelle, joined me and she said we were going to do a workout that she does at Xfit with the rowing machine.  CrossFit is scary to me, but everyone that does it LOVES it, and so I was exited to do her workout.  She mentioned that we would do the rowing mating for about 3-4 minutes at a time and then do another interval of something else.  On the inside I laughed because I had been doing the machine for at least 20 minutes and sometimes up to 35 minutes at a time before.  Her workout was going to be so easy.

So she shows up and right away I know I'm in trouble because there's a switch on there where you can place the arrow between 1 and 10.  I had been working out around an 8.  Then Noelle shows up and tells me that the numbers closer to one are the hardest.  So, that burst my bubble.

We sit down to row and when she shows me the correct way to do it, the speed I should be doing it, and changes the intensity my whole workout changed.  I was sweating more, breathing heavy, and thinking I was going to pass out at any minute, and that was during the first 45 seconds.

I learned something today, that I think I'm always learning, and that is the fact that it is always good to invite people into your life.  Let them see how you do things, and they just might have a better plan, or a more efficient one.  I could have kept on rowing every day for 35 minutes, but when my friend who actually knew how to use the machine gives me advice on how to use it, my results will be so much better.  I rowed for a much smaller time today, but the workout was much more intense.

Let people see you and invite them to look in and give you advice.  You could do the same thing for a much longer time, or do it the right way for a shorter time with much greater effects.

Noelle and I workout



okay I'm delirious again.  Didn't I end my last post yesterday by saying this?  Ha!  I'ts 1:06am and seriously my alarm is going to go off in about 5.5 hours.  UGH.  I seriously have been thinking a lot about community and this is one aspect that got my mind thinking about it.  I'll write more tomorrow and will for sure now wait until the last minute.  Especially since my kids school has a Valentine's dance tomorrow.  Oh dear Lord, I'm not ready for this.  Nighty Night!