Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Rodan + Fields and Amber Dawes, who provided me with a REVERSE regimen kit.

What I never thought would happen to me is that I would get those brown spots on my skin and face that I had heard my mom talk about when I was younger. I just knew that those only happened to “old” people and I was clearly not old and in fact would never be old. I would certainly at least look like I was in my twenties until the day I died. Weird spots on my face would not happen to me.

Then thirty-seven hit and low and behold I have the spots. The brown spots and the weird spots that you don't even know how to describe them, well I have them. I thought this only happened to other people, and not me. I guess those years of laying in the sun getting that best tan and not putting one drop of sunscreen on my face are here to remind me of how stupid I truly was in my 20's. Note to all you 20 year old's I now wear sunscreen every.single.day on my face. Because clearly the people that told me to and I ignored were on to something. So now it's my duty to tell you to get the sunscreen out and apply to your face daily.


A few months ago my friend Amber told me that she had something that could help, and so for the past 2 weeks I've been using the reverse regimen kit from Rodan + Fields. R+F is an Anti Aging Skincare Line with four main regimens that target the four main skin concerns! Dr Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields are the 2 doctors who created the # 1 acne brand, Proactive.

Today, R+F is now the #4 Premium Skincare Line in the US next to Lancome, Este Lauder, and Clinique who have a 50+ year head start on R+F!  Recently R+F was named the fastest growing skincare line for the last 2 years!  In February of 2015 they became a Global brand, launching in to Canada!

Here are some examples of real life people getting great results while using Rodan + Fields products from Amber.

“This is Mariah Prock…we went to high school together and after she had her first child in 2008 starting experiencing severe adult acne…She had tried everything to help clear up her skin but nothing worked.  She decided to try Rodan + Fields Unblemish with very little expectation of actually helping at all! Within 2 weeks her skin was clearing up and her family and friends were taking notice!   Her skin is now completely clear and is foundation free!”


“This is Mrs. Diane LeSage's new and updated before and after picture! Representing products that do exactly what they say is an amazing feeling! Continued use of the right combination of products in the right order is what Rodan + Fields is all about! She used our Redefine Regimen with our at home tools, and these were here results.”


If you are looking for a new skin care regimen to help you with whatever your specific problem is, then contact Amber and she would love to help you. Right now Amber is offering a 25% discount to all of you! Contact amberdawes3@gmail.com or 512-983-7833 to get the 25% discount!

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