It is pallet time again!  At least once a year Real Hope from Haiti has a pallet of supplies shipped down to Haiti.  These supplies are collected and prepared in IN and then the truck is driven to FL and then gets on a boat and eventually ends up in Haiti.  From there it goes through customs and then they rent trucks to get all the supplies out to Cazalle where the use them throughout the year.

Right now Lori, her husband Charles and Mr. Zach are in IN preparing the container to get shipped.  To ship a container like this costs LOTS of money!  In fact it costs about $10,000 to ship it down there.

There are a few ways that you can help them out!  I know that you are willing to help and believe me there are many different ways to help on many different financial levels.  I know that one of the ways that we can help is pray, but my post is strictly about finances.  So … yes pray …. but they also need money … so pray about how you can help!

  1. Sponsor a pallet!  There are 40 pallets and they are available to be sponsored for $250 each.  Maybe you and your small group could do this together.  If you can't sponsor a whole pallet consider sponsoring by the pound.  A forty foot semi can ship 38,000 pounds of supplies – that's only 26 cents per pound.  Airmail is $2.50 per pound.  Bargain shippers know – this is a great deal!   For only $26 you can help us ship 100 pounds.  What can you send?
  2. Maybe you want to send money to help buy medicine or supplies?
  3. Maybe you have some items that you want to send to get on either this shipment or another shipment.  Here are some of their needs: large safety pins, crib sheets, shorts, socks, boys and girls underwear, barretts, plastic pants for over clothe diapers, baby shampoo, lotion, baby powder.   For a complete list go here.
  4. Maybe you live in IN and want to help pack the container.  Email me and I'll get you in contact with Lori.  jamie @ aaronivey (dot) com
  5. There is a sewing school there – could you donate some fabric?
  6. There is a literacy class there – could you donate $40 a month to pay the teacher

All of these ways are great for you to help. Please go and read LICIA'S post on this.  She has all the information that you would need.

Here is the address for donations:

Real Hope for Haiti

PO Box 23

Elwood, IN 46036

For more information go here:



Jamie Ivey