Last night was our first RESTLESS book club with all of our friends via the internet and it was so much fun!  I'll admit around 8pm I started to get butterflies in my belly, but the night went so smooth for us.  I mean, how much fun is it to sit with a friend and talk about things with such great meaning?!?  We talked about our fears, what holds us back from dreaming, and how do our motives sometimes hinder us.  Such a good night full of wisdom, vulnerability and hope.


If you have no idea what I'm talking about then go back and read this post and you should be filled in.  If you would like to join the book club each week for 7 more Monday's, then go HERE to sign up.  I hope you do, because it's a lot of fun!  Tell your friends and tweet us throughout the week and let us know how it's going.  Use the hashtag #restlessproject and we'll see it.

For this week you should read chapter 12 which is about our gifts.  I must say I wasn't expecting this to be so hard, but it was.  I find it hard to write down things that I love or think I'm good at because of all the baggage we discussed last night:  fears, motives, insecurities, etc ….  We need to get over ourselves though ladies!  I look forward to seeing your threads as you fill them out this week and go on this journey with us.  If you have any questions about this ahead of time feel free to tweet us or post on Facebook.  Jennie's twitter:  @jennieallen & mine is @jamie_ivey use the hashtag #restlessproject to make sure it is seen.

In case you missed it last night, here's the video.  I hope you enjoy it, are challenged by it, and moved to face your fears head on and follow your path towards God's obedience that he has laid out for YOU!

Check out Jennie's blog about last night and join others on Facebook chatting about #RestlessProject.