I'm super excited about an upcoming project that I am involved in with my friend Jennie Allen.  Jennie recently released her book, Restless, and it was wonderful.  I read it in January, and told you guys all about it and actually asked you about your dreams and you shared the most wonderful dreams with me.


After the IF: Gathering was over, Jennie was hearing from so many of you ladies about where to run … where to dream … how to do it all.  SO … she asked me if I would be a part of a Monday night gathering with YOU.  A place where we can dream together and help you guys find your threads as you journey through life while reading Restless.

This is going to be SO.MUCH.FUN!  Grab some girlfriends, get out your computers, pour you your favorite night time beverage after the babies are in bed and join us.


We're going to have a virtual online book club with discussions each Monday night that you can be involved in!  How fun does that sound?!?!  It's live people, anything could happen!


And it won’t be nearly as much fun unless you are a part. So grab a group of friends to join us and we will see how this crazy goes. You will be relieved to know that we have tech savvy friends Mark and David at Faith Gateway are helping us with all the Tech stuff (they were the ones making fun of us on the video- thank you men.)

We start Monday, March 3rd at 8:30 CST we will be coming to you live to answer questions, study your threads and dream with you. All you need to do is:

1.  Join here by giving us your email. It is free. No one would pay for our crazy…we know.

2.  Ge the book here for 40% off this week (just use the code 40IF) or here on kindle for $2.99.

3.  Join Jennie's Facebook page where we will host your questions. And we will be using the hashtag #Restlessproject on Instagram and Twitter.

Click over there —-> to join me on Instagram! Instagram

Go ahead and start reading Chapter 1-11 for March 3rd. They are short! Don’t panic and after that- the assignments will only be 1-2 chapters a week as we work on our threads.  If you don't follow Jennie's blog, go ahead and subscribe to that as well.


If you bought the book on a digital reader- here is a gift for you! Print off the journal pages and you can fill them out and post pictures of them on my Facebook page. We will help you untangle your threads.


So let’s start this party…. What keeps you from dreaming?

Jamie Ivey