Aaron and I had our rehearsal dinner at our favorite place to eat. Can you guess?


Yeap the Ivey's were nice enough to rent out a room for all of our wedding party and guests. What a fun night that was. I remember walking around and talking to everyone and really realizing that in 24 hours I was going to be married to Aaron Ivey. It was a weird feeling and yet I was so confident in it at the same time. I knew he was my man. I knew that God had brought us together. We had such different pasts and some people would have said that Aaron deserved better. But thank goodness he was in love with Jesus and followed his heart enough to know that God meant for us to be together.

I remember Aaron taking me home that night and us standing on the porch at my parents house as we had so many times before in the previous year and a half of our relationship. It was the last time he would take me home to my parents. The last night I was a Beakley. The last night I was single.

The picture above is my “fashback Friday” pic and it's me and my BFF, Amy. We have been best friends since high school and were each other's maid of honors, although she was married a year before me, so I guess she was my matron of honor. Funny thing about this night is that we didn't plan it, but both had on the same shirt in a different color. I guess that's what best friends do.