As much as I love creating a show for you each week, I also really enjoy being guests on other shows. It's fun to be on the other side of the questions and honestly I think it helps me as an interviewer to understand what it feels like to be the guests!

I have been a guest on three shows lately that I'd love to share with you.


First is MUD STORIES with Jacque Watkins. I've known Jacque for a while now because we are in a podcast mastermind group where we share all of our knowledge and ask all of our questions. She is one of the sweetest people I have met in a while, and she uses her show to allow people to share their “mud stories” and how God has walked through it with them. I wasn't sure what mud we were going to discuss, because I have a lot, but I ended up sharing my story of growing up, becoming sexual active at a early age and having lots of consequences from that. It's a story I actually love sharing because of how much glory God gets through it all. I also have yet to tell a part of my story that involves Aaron without crying, and this was no exception.


Next is Story Cast with Traci and Rebecca. I'm super proud of them for their new show and all they are putting into podcasting. Traci and I are cousins (well, kinda, we explain in this episode) and I know Rebecca through her. Their hope for their podcast is to give a space to women to share their stories so that women can realize they aren't alone. On this show we discussed how and why I started podcasting, plus my desire for a garden, and then Traci and I share how we almost died (for real) on a canoe trip a few years ago.


Lastly is Feathers:Faith in Flight with Amy Bennett where I was most recently a guest. On this episode we talked about adoption and I shared parts from our story, plus encouraged people listening to consider foster care and older child adoption.

Listen to shows here:

Mud Stories



I encourage you to give their shows a listen, and if possible leave them a comment, rate/review on iTunes, send them a message on twitter, or however you want. Podcasters love to hear when they get new listeners! I know that I love that!

Any great episodes you have listened to lately? Here's a recent one that I loved:

This American Life episode #578 I Thought I knew You – TAL is one of the first podcasts we ever listened to, and so I'm a long time listener, and this one was such a great episode. This episode had me dying laughing at one point, and crying the next.

Jamie Ivey