As a mom we feel a special bond with our children. Whether we birthed them or adopted them, a mom and her child have a bond that goes deep and can't be broken. We would do anything for our children and to feel as though we can't take care of their basic needs would make us feel weak, useless and a failure. I can't even begin to imagine being a Haitian mom to children that I can't give them their basic needs. To have children that are hungry and sick and have no resources is a terrible feeling.

The Rescue Center is a saving grace to these parents. Here is a place that will take your child in and give them basic needs and get them better and then bring them back to you. They will get them healthy for you and then send them home. These parents may just need a break to get some more jobs and some more money and then they can feed all their kids. Maybe they can't take their young one to work, so then they can't work, and then they can't feed them. Maybe the husband left and the mom is alone to take care of 5 kids. No matter what the circumstances the RC is a place that can help.

Children enter the rescue center very sick. Many of them suffer from kwashiorkor and are near death. This is caused from severe malnourishment and lack of protein in their diet. A mom will sometimes have no food for her child and will mix up flour water. A child can only live for so long with no nutrients in their body and only flour water. The end result is not pretty. Some of them have been severely injured and need a place to heal and get daily medical care. While they are at the RC they are given food, medicine and clothing. The basic needs of each child are met while they are there. They are also loved by the nannies and Licia knows all of their names.

One big thing is gaining weight at the RC. These children need to be gaining weight to be getting better. The children are weighed weekly and they have a bit of a competition in the RC between the kids. They are divided into different groups and if all the kids in the group gain weight then they get a sticker on their chart for the week. While I was there in Jan I witnessed the weigh in and the kids were so excited about the stickers that they received. It was a joy to see the excitement in the air as they celebrated their weekly success.

Right now the rescue center has about 60 kids ranging from newborn up to 10 years old. The babies that come in stay about 2 years and the older kids range about 4-6 months until they go home. The abandoned ones will stay until they find a home for them either in Haiti or outside of Haiti through adoption.

I have been following the rescue center now for about a year and a half. I love to read their blog and the stories of redemption and healing that they talk about it. For me it never became real until I visited this place in January. I saw first hand the lives that were changed while at the rescue center. I saw the children who would have died were it not for the RC and clinic. I saw nannies loving on these children and taking care of them all day and night long. I saw children that had a look of desperation and of hope all wrapped up in once glance.

I hope that you can see a big picture this week as we introduce you to a few kids that are currently here and allow your heart to move you this week to action. Seeing these kids face to face is something that would change your life forever. I hope that we can allow you a little view into their world through our words.

$10 a month…$20…$100 a month… it all makes a difference. if you would consider committing to a dollar amount every month for the next year, it would drastically help keep the doors open and the children healing.

you can begin your monthly donation by sending a check to their ministry office (address here)

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