If you know anything about me you know that there are a few things right now that are always on my mind. They all have to do with the same place and they have all captured my heart and attention. Haiti is a big part of our life, there are two sweet kids there that have captured our heart, and there is a mission there that has captured our heart and attention as well.

In a village not far from Cabaret off of Hwy 1 is Cazalle. The road to the mission is the worst I've ever seen, and the views are beautiful. Mountains and valleys greet you as you travel up the road. People stand by the road waiting for something or watching for someone. Children play in the fields, women wash clothes in the river and men work in the fields.

Real Hope for Haiti is run by Mr. Zach and his two daughters, Lori & Licia. Their brother Casey is also a part and him and his wife live in the states with the hope to get back to Haiti sooner than later. RHFH has a rescue center and a clinic. The mission employs 72 Haitians, and feeds, clothes and takes care of 60 children living in the rescue center. The clinic provides medical assistance to people who would otherwise have no way to get help. This place is a kingdom minded place. They do everything there for the glory of God.

This week Aaron, Bush and I will be telling you how you can get involved to help. We'll list out things to pray for, things to buy, and money that they need. We will not ask you to do anything that we haven't committed to do ourselves. I ask that you follow us this week and tell your friends to follow us and just see what God has in mind for your family during this week. I hope to come up with some ideas of how kids can get involved as well.

So … come back tomorrow …. tell your friends about us …. write a blog about it ….