I have only been two places today and at both places struck up a conversation with the woman next to me through my book. It is an instant bond between two people if they have read or are reading the same book!

At the park with the kids the lady commented on my BREAKING DAWN book and told me that she had read the whole series three times! WHAT?!! Yes, you read that right. THREE times she's read these books.

Then at the plasma place the girl sitting next to me was reading TWILIGHT and I told her I was on book #4 and started to go into telling her how I had put off reading them, but everyone talked about them and so I caved. I was about to tell her my favorite book so far when she interrupted to tell me this will be her second time to read them. She was starting over.

Here's the deal. I DO NOT GET THAT. Why would you read a book twice or even three times? With all the good books in the world why read stuff twice? I know TONS of people that do that and it is so confusing to me. Can you fill me in? If you read books more than once, tell me why!!!!

Jamie Ivey