I must say that I don't mind unpacking that much.  For me it is fun to figure out where stuff will go.  Where will you put this frame in the house?  Where will this bookshelf go?  All those things are fun to me.  We have been here since Saturday morning and seriously there are hardly any boxes left in this house.  We don't play around with unpacking.  We put in long hours and get it done!  Life is better this way for us.  One of our biggest pushes to getting it all done is that tomorrow our sweet boys return!  My parents are also coming to stay the night and so we want it to be ready for when we have guests!

I haven't been blogging much for a few reasons …. #1 I have no internet in the house.  Bush and Aaron can steal it from the hotel next door if you sit on that side of the house by the window, but my sucky computer doesn't pick it up.  #2 I have no profound thoughts to write.  #3 I want to put pictures up for you to see our new house, but i'm not sure if we've found Aaron's charger, and my camera never works.  #4 again NO INTERNET in the house until Sunday.

So, while Aaron's off taking boxes to the dump I'm sitting down for just a minute on his computer to tell you a few things on my mind during this move …..

  • It has been great with no kids here – we've gotten so much done
  • I miss my kids greatly!  I'm ready to see their faces tomorrow when they see their new room and new BUNK BEDS!
  • making bunk beds is awful!  any tips on how to get the top bed made without getting your fingers stuck and wearing out your back?
  • moving into a bigger house means empty space – we don't have enough furniture to fill it up 🙂
  • i am excited about finding the “perfect” missing piece of furniture for our living room on a clearance aisle somewhere!
  • we've only eaten mexican once since we've been here
  • i love having my own office space – i plan on setting up my sewing machine in there too – so i'll have to sew something!
  • been to ikea twice – LOVE that place
  • went to some friends house last night for dinner and met some great people – i can't wait to spend more time with them and get to know them
  • we already have visitors coming over labor day – yippee!!!   i love having a place for guests to come and stay and visit.  LOVE it!
  • we have a king bed now and aaron and i don't even touch each other in the night – very nice.
  • this is the house that story and amos will come home to and you have no idea how much that excites me!
  • i love being able to help bush & maris out
  • i can't wait to find great patio furniture on clearance somewhere!
  • there is so much dog poop in our backyard from the last dog that lived here – for the love – how do we get all that out?
  • aaron has his own room too and that makes him so giddy and happy!  he can play his piano now without having to be next to our bed in our bedroom!
  • we bought a $70 trash can.  what the heck?  we've been putting that off since we moved here, but oh my gosh – there is no middle man.  either $20 for cheap and plastic or $70 for nice enough to be where people can see it, and we bought the cheapest nice one we could find.  we could hide our cheap white one in our other house – not here.
  • I need to get another group down to Haiti.  I need to get this going and plan something.  I want to take people twice a year.
  • 33 more days until I see my kids in Haiti – oh my heart is aching for them
  • i don't like my pantry – it is weird and random – not my style
  • my soul aches for rachel and her family – too much tragedy in one year
  • we just realized that next year our oldest will start kindergarten.  what the heck?  i am way to young to have a child in school and he is not big enough to even think about school.
  • my house has lots of flooring that is not carpet.  i am not down with buying swiffers to clean this all the time – any ideas on alternatives.  anyone have a floor cleaner like a vacuum?  thoughts?
  • aaron leads at the stone this week – i guess it's his first official sunday.  i'm excited!
  • aaron and bush just found the random missing kitchen box – yeah!

That's all the randomness i can come up with for right now.  Now I'm back to a few boxes in our bedroom, some laundry and cleaning up.  Rumor has it Aaron's taking me out on a date tonight.  Oh my I'm excited!!!  Our first date night in our new city – we love Austin!