Happy Wednesday.  I could have sworn today was Thursday.  So far all day long I have thought that.  I did this same thing last week. It's the worst when you find out it's not actually the day you thought it was.  Oh well.  I guess I should be thankful I just earned another day back in my life!

I spent 3 hours at the kids school today eating Thanksgiving lunch with them.  They are such little turkey's because half the time I'm there they want to run around and chat with their friends.


Here are the random thoughts in my head today …. this might be the most unorganized post I have ever written …

I hope that you are loving all the amazing products that I've been showcasing these past few weeks.  Each year I sit down to do this and about half way thru I tell myself I'm never doing it again because it's so much work.  Blogging every day with a  giveaway, and corresponding with each organization, and all that other jazz it a lot of work.  BUT I love hearing from you guys about how you are buying Christmas presents from them.  That is my whole point.  I mean I do love giving stuff away, but I really love when you find another organization to buy from that makes a difference in this world.  That makes it worth it.  I think I still have 13 more organizations to show you, which also means 13 more things to give away for free.  SUCH FUN!

In the last month I have spoken to two separate mom groups and loved it.  I spoke about creating fun family moments and about a healthy marriage.  Two things that I believe are things I strive for a lot in my life.  I feel like I take 2 steps forward and 1 step back in both of these areas all the time.  Constantly learning.  Constantly.

Here are some random pictures I have had on my computer for a while and wanted to blog about …. today I'll give you a short synopsis of each one!

Tyson's Tacos – one of our favorite places to eat in town.  If you come to Austin, please go here.  You will not be disappointed, and tell Tyson we sent you!


I have two friends that do makeup for a living.  Yes, that's their job.  How fun!  Anyhow, they were having a night to update their portfolio and try out some new stuff and so look who had their make up done.  Yes, Jen and I are posing in our best model pose.  I must say I have never ever been able to do the “no smile” pose.  I only have one pose and that's a huge smile.  I could never be a model.  Actually that's the 749th reason I could never be a model.  There are many others besides just that!


Here's how Aaron and I go on dates!


I had ever intention of blogging about our girls trip that we took in May and it just didn't happen.  We had so much floating the river and hanging out without responsibilities of kids or husbands.  It was so fun!  If you can get a chance to get away with girlfriends this year, DO IT.  It's a must!

girls group2

Oh and side note … the school just called and one of my kids is in the nurses office with an upset stomach.  He hasn't thrown up or anything, and I told her that I wasn't coming to get him, but she could call me back in 10 minutes.  Bad mom?  I was there at lunch and he pounded two desserts.  My stomach would hurt too.  I've also had to go and get this particular kid before for being “sick” and he was miraculously healed when we got home and turned on the tv.  Mama don't play.

Hope your Wed is awesome!  I've got chicken noodle soup in the crockpot and there might be nothing more that I love than walking in the door at 4pm with all the kids and smelling the dinner already cooking.  It's the best ever!

Jamie Ivey