Today is been a fun and relaxed day around here.  Here are a few things I was thinking about while watching the boys ride bikes in the driveway.

  • I got a pedicure today.  Why do I love them so much?  I love being pampered.  It is my love language for sure!  I had birthday money and decided to treat myself.  It is also great to get away from the kids and read in quiet (if you don't count the soap channels in the background!).  As I was getting my pedicure I had a weird thought in my mind.  It seemed weird for me to be seated in this great big chair with massage things going up and down my back while a sweet little Asian woman sat on a stool at my feet rubbing them and  making them look good.  I started to feel guilty.  I don't talk to her while I'm there, because it's ME time to relax.  I started to wonder if she felt used by me.  I started to wonder if she thought that I thought I was better than her.  I had a moment of confusion.  I love getting pedicures. I love being pampered.  What does my pampering do to the person pampering me?  Maybe they just see it as a job, or maybe they see me as a spoiled-rich-lady (which I think I'm far from) and don't know the real me.  I'm still thinking on this one.
  • Also at the nail place I had another thought.  There was a lady in her 50's probably with a tattoo on her leg.  She looked old for her age if that  make sense.  I looked at her tattoo and wondered if it was cool when she got it.  Did it look good on her back in the day?  I didn't think it looked good on her now, and so assumed she got it years ago, when in fact she could have gotten it on her fiftieth birthday for all I know.  This got me thinking.  I love my two tattoo's and have even been wanting a new one for some time now.  Will I still like them when I'm 50?  Will I look like an old woman that used to be cool?
  • A bird has made a nest in our door hanger on the front door.  I have some fake flowers in there and I kept seeing a bird fly out of it when I would get home.  She has laid four eggs in there.  I can't wait until they hatch.  Should I leave the nest there?  I'm afraid to move it because I don't want the momma bird to worry about her eggs.  We checked on them today and there were two missing.  We immediately knew what had happened.  The neighbor kids had come over and taken two out.  That made me so mad.  Who goes to someone else's front porch, pulls a chair over there, puts a little tykes car on the chair, and stands on it to remove two birds eggs from their door hanger?  Who does that?  When I asked him about it he confessed and found one of the two they had taken and I asked him to put it back. I tried to guilt trip him with telling him the momma bird would be so sad now that two of her kids were missing.  🙂  Then as he was trying to get it back in he cracked it in his hand.  Yeap right there over the nest it was gone, cracked and oozing.  Gross!  I was so frustrated then.  I told him that momma bird would be so sad now and she would miss that baby bird.
  • It has been so cool today that I've had a sweatshirt on all day and was still cold outside tonight.  It is May and supposed to be hot.  I shouldn't complain though, come August I'll be complaining about the heat!
  • We have not had meat one night for dinner at home.  Here have been our dinners …. night#1 couscous, night #2 – out to eat at Cabana (yes we both had meat there), night #3 veggie lasagna, night #4 veggie burgers, tonight lentil soup.
  • I can not stop reading A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS.  I am on page 244 and it is so good I want to stop all other mother/wife responsibilities for the night and just read all night long!
  • LOST – we think this week might have been one of the best episodes.  I kept thinking … “so this is how the 6 get off” and then something else would happen.  loved it!
Jamie Ivey