I thought I'd give you a few of the blogs that I enjoy for various reasons. When you get a spare moment this weekend (ha!) go and check some out. You might just meet a new friend!

I'm going to Haiti in May to serve these people. Kim is going. Ginger is going. Chrystal is going. Debra is going. Aaron is going too. Jen is also in Haiti with the Livesay family.

Our great friends Matt & Rachel are in the adoption process. They were adopting from El Salvador, but have recently switched to Ethiopia. They are selling fabulous baby lovey blankets. I have given some as gifts and Story has one too. Go to Auntie Em's Creations and get one or two for yourself.

This lady always inspires me and encourages me.

Don't know these people but they are in Vietnam with their new daughter!

This is who we're adopting from in Haiti. These people do cool stuff for kids.

My friends Steven and Maris are in the domestic adoption process. You can read their story here.

I love this site for cool kids stuff. Kat is cool. Liz is cool.

She has photographed us, she has photographed us and we wish he would photograph us!

These people are doing GREAT things for kids!

Here is one hot chef that I wish would update more often!

I have bought stuff from her before.

They are starting a new journey through foster care adoption.

So, how was that. Give you something to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon?