Random tid-bits:

  1. Our babysitter last night washed all the dishes she used while she was here. You have no idea how happy this makes me! We have found some great sitters here in Austin!
  2. We received a graduation announcement for a friend of ours here at UT and they addressed it to ALL of us …. even Amos and Story. I smiled so big this morning when I opened it.
  3. This morning I told Aaron that I'm glad the kids aren't home yet b/c they wouldn't know they had a daddy! Seriously he has been so slammed busy lately it is a good thing they are not here. Did I just really say that outloud?
  4. A friend of mine sent me a package. Wow that was such a fun way to start the day. Fedex delivered a book that she sent me. She had just finished it and thought I would like it. How sweet! I want to be more like that. I want to surprise people with unexpected gifts. How fun!
  5. GAP sent me a birthday gift. Yes a card that says “what are you going to wear on your birthday?” Then they offered me $15 off my next $60 GAP CARD purchase. Yes I have a Gap card. Yes I don't use it anymore. Yes I'm not responsible with Gap cards. So, NO THANK YOU MR.GAP … I will NOT be using your $15 off a $60 GAP card purchase b/c in the end that's $45 more dollars on my card with an un-godly interest that you are charging us. I learned my lesson once. Okay it maybe took me a few times to learn that lesson, but you will not lure me in this time with your cute tactics. Not today. Not on my birthday even.photo-73
  6. We ate lunch at Matt's El Rancho today. yummy. We both loved it and will for sure be back lots when we are on the South side of Lamar!
  7. LOST was so good tonight!