Today marks day #5 of no daddy at home. We all miss him dearly and we're making it just fine, but this place is different without our daddy. 🙂 He is so much fun and makes the kids so happy. He also is a great helper around here. He cooks every meal and takes care of Carson (our dog) for me. Those are big things to me! When he is gone the two things I miss about him being here the most are cooking and taking care of Carson. I mean I miss him and his voice and all that stuff, but as far as what he does around here those are the two big things I miss.

Single mom's are my heros. This is hard work! When we move to Austin … oh yeah you didn't know …. Aaron broke the news here on his blog …. I'm going to find a single mom and invest in her and her kids. Invite her for dinner. Watch her kids and just help her out. I have a family that does that for me and I'm not even a “real” single mom. They have blessed me beyond belief.

The boys miss him too. I am not that good at playing “alligators” and wrestling. He does all that much better than me! I must say we've had a great week though. Deacon cried tonight while I was putting him in bed. He cried big tears. I want my daddy! I explained he was at camp and then Cayden started talking about something and Deacon was fine. I think when he gets overly tired or upset he longs for someone new.

Right now I'm watching AUGUST RUSH while blogging, returning emails, and searching the internet for guides on “how to sew”! A few weeks ago Aaron, myself and 8 of our closest friends ventured out to a wine tasting event. I won this for Aaron for his birthday at the Bethany New Friends Dinner last year. I was so excited to give this to him and we finally used it in May. It was at Cabana and I highly recommend this place to any of you readers that live in Nashville or visit there ever. Very cool place, and a great owner too. Anyhow, the owner and instructor of our “class” introduced us to a new wine called NEW AGE. It is a light wine and he told us that in Vegas at Belagio's they sell it by the pool for $99. WOW. Yeap you can get it at your local wine store for about $9! You add lime and an ice and it's a perfect summer drink. Tonight I'm enjoying a glass while I watch the movie and ask you some questions that are running through my head these days.

I've been thinking about kid stuff these days.

What's new, right?

Every time we lay the kids down they want to chatter. How much is okay? I mean two brothers in one room, what do you expect? We tell them no talking. Of course, they always talk. How do I know how much is enough?

Cayden is four and asks “why” after I tell him something all the time. When is it okay b/c he's a curious four year old and when is it inappropriate b/c he should just say “okay mommy” like we want him to say? Ex: while they are taking a shower tonight I tell him not to play with the curtain. He says, “why” – is he curious or should he just say “okay mom” like i want? How do I know when to explain it to a curious four year old and when should he just say “okay mom”? Or maybe I should say … “don't play with the curtain BECAUSE you could get water all over the floor”. who knows? I guess I don't feel like explaining myself all the time, but yet I remember hating hearing this from my parents … “because I said so.”

When do I stop putting lotion on my boys when they get out of the shower/bath? Aaron doesn't do that when he gets out.  I do when I get out. When do little boys stop? Do all mom's put lotion on their little boys every night when they get out of the shower? Is it different for boys and girls?

How long can I keep Deacon in a baby bed even though he gets out on his own every morning and comes to my room? The only problem is he can't get back in!  I've seen him get out and he is perfectly fine.  Sometimes he even straddles the top and acts like he's riding a horse.  I know, he's a weird one!

When do you stop cutting up your kids grapes? Yeap I have a two and a four year old and I still cut them in half. And if they are super big I cut them in fourths. Am I psycho?

I lay my kids clothes out every night. Sometimes Cayden wants to put different clothes together and they don't match. I don't let him wear them. Am I cursing his creative side, or teaching him basic fashion?

I just started letting my boys shower instead of bathing. I still lather up their hair and they do the rest. I still lather up their loofah and then they wash. I worry they aren't getting clean enough? Am I psycho?

Why does my two year old give me so much more love than my four year old?  Will my two year old turn into that four year old when he is four years old?

My kids are constantly talking about “when Amos and Story come home” …. do they truly know what that means?

My two year old naggs the heck out of my four year old.  The four year old screams like a baby and the two year old laughs. Who gets in trouble?  The four year old for screaming and acting like a baby?  The two year old for nagging his older brother?  I'm at a loss.  One side of me wants to tell Cayden to chill and act like it doesn't bother him and then Deacon will stop.  The other side wants to tell Deacon to stop pestering his brother.  Who should get in trouble?  (keep in mind that 90% of the time they play GREAT together, I am seriously blessed – it is the 10% that I don't know what to do with)

Okay so any of you have answers to any of these questions that plaque my mind each and every day?  Fill me in!!!!

Jamie Ivey