You guys are just the absolute sweetest listeners, readers, and people in the world. Many times you guys have questions that you'd love to ask me, and so now I have a way for you to do that! Of course you can do it the old fashioned way of mailing me a letter, although I'm gonna guarantee that I will not answer that question with a letter back. Or you could send me a tweet or Facebook message, but if I'm honest DM's on twitter and FB messages make my armpits sweat. You could find me hanging out on my favorite social media platform, Instagram and ask me there if you would like. OR you guys you could leave me a message and I'll answer your question somewhere – Instagram or Facebook live, or even a podcast, or a blog post. Who knows?

Just an FYI that when we record a message you are giving me permission to share with my audience in order to answer your question. šŸ™‚