In about 10 days I'll be flying to Orlando to meet up with a lot of fabulous women who are raising money for a great cause! They are all running the 1/2 or full marathon at Disney in hopes of raising $30,000 for a make-shift ambulance for an amazing organization in Haiti. Please read HERE for their specific goal! The website says this:

This is where we come in … Heartline offers the women in our program a safe, clean, peaceful and loving place to experience labor and delivery with trained Midwives to assist the ladies throughout their labor and delivery. There is no cost to the woman. We are here to serve them.

The difficult reality is that because these pregnancies are high risk, often times women will need to be transported to a hospital in order to receive emergency-level care.

The chief goal is to deliver a healthy baby to a healthy mom. When that becomes impossible we will be transporting our women to a local hospital. We are responsible to help them get the care they need and will get them to the hospital and act as advocates for them until they are checked in and being cared for by hospital staff.

The money being raised by the multiple men and women running the Marathon for The Heartline Women's Program will be used to purchase a make-shift ambulance. It will not be a traditional Western ambulance, but instead will be a sturdy utility vehicle that will be transformed into an ambulance and outfitted with necessary medical equipment. Our goal is to purchase a Land Cruiser similar to the one pictured below.


I'm super sad that I'm not running in this race, but I will be on the sidelines supporting LOTS of ladies running! Here's where YOU can help out in this great cause …..

I have this purse that I've had forever from Heartline's women's program and have been waiting for the PERFECT time to GIVE IT AWAY and now is the time.

I'm giving away this purse to one lucky winner!


This purse would sell for $40 and was made by Vedette. The sales of all these products are creating hope in the lives of hard-working and deserving Haitian women.


Here's what you have to do to get a chance to win:

1. Donate $26 to the Heartline Runner's program. That is one dollar per mile for the full marathon. That is dinner for two at a nice restaurant. That is a month of Starbuck's. That is one gym membership.

2. Donate $13 to Heartline Runner's Program. That is one dollar per mile for the 1/2 marathon. That is dinner for one at some restaurants. That is a night at the movie's. That is Starbuck's for two weeks.

Please go to the HEARTLINE RUNNERS BLOG and use the chip in meter to donate. Your money donated is tax deductible and goes to a GREAT cause!


*sorry for the crappy pic, but you get the idea of how big it is!

Here's what you need to do.

DONATE. Then email me your receipt of donation.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Then email me the link to your blog where you told your friends.

For every $26 donation you get 3 entries. For every $13 donation you get 2 entries. For every blog link you get 1 entry.

GO NOW and donate.

GO NOW and tell your friends!

*This giveaway will end on January 4th at midnight (CST)*