Today on the radio show we talked about something that I told the guys a few weeks ago that I do at our house.  When I first told them they couldn't believe that I actually did this.  I vaguely mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Aaron somehow started getting a subscription to “Men's Health” magazine and the first time it came I couldn't believe all the scandalous pictures in there, so I went through and tore them out before I gave the magazine to him.  They couldn't believe it and thought I was crazy.


So fast forward a few weeks and today we talked about this subject on the air.  I knew it was coming and the guys in there are so nice that they wouldn't ever make me talk about something that I didn't want to talk about, but let me tell you I went down today sounding like a psycho freak.  I knew I would take lots of heat about this subject, but people took me to be controlling, psycho and insecure.


All the things that were said honestly didn't bother me one bit.  I mean the truth is that I'm none of those things and if you didn't know me and you just heard me saying that I go through my husband's mail and rip out what I didn't want him to read then you might come to that conclusion.


Here's the truth of all this …. Me ripping out pages of his Men's Health started as a joke.  We have no idea how this subscription started coming to him and I jokingly told him I'd take out all the bad stuff so he could look at it.  Truth is though that Aaron is supportive of this.  As I tried to explain on the air today it's not even about these pictures, because the ones I showed them at the station that they put online aren't the worst thing in the world, but what it is about is protecting our marriage.  It's about helping my husband to keep his mind and heart pure.


Another thing that I don't think was understood or potrayed today on air is that this is mutual decision.  I'm not going behind Aaron's back.  This is no secret.  He knows.  In fact he's thankful for the efforts that we both go to in protecting our marriage.  There's no cinemax on our cable.  There's no pay per view options.  There are monitoring system on our computers that monitor what we look at.  These are all precautions that WE put on OUR marriage.


In no way do I think the pictures in Men's Health or the Victoria's Secret catalog are pornography, but what I do think is that those are images that can get stuck in a mans head and can lead to more.  On a total different subject that I don't have time to get into now is that not only can these things lead to pornography in men (and women too), but they are degrading to women.  Another subject that I don't have time to get into is the fact that another reason these images are bad for husbands is that most of them will never have a woman that looks like that, so him looking at those images is not fair for his wife.  She'll never be that.


So, that's how it all went down on air today.  I shared how I like to protect my marriage and people called me psycho and controlling!  It didn't hurt my feelings though.  Honestly.  Here's the deal, I as a Christian, have a different world view.  I see things through a different lens and that's okay.  It's who I am.


Jamie Ivey