Recently I have heard lots of conversations on people being pro-life.  Of course with the upcoming election this is always a big deal breaker for some people.  Our church talked extensively about it on Sunday.  I hear about it on the news.  It was something I was very interested in when researching candidates.

For me personally, I would consider myself a pro-life person.  I think that life should be preserved.  I think that we as mortal humans do not have the right to choose when someone lives or dies.  I can personally say that I would never have an abortion, but I can also come up with a few “what if” scenarios in my mind that would make me question my stance.

For this election abortion does mean something to me in who I vote for.  Don't get mad at me, but it is not the main thing I'm looking for in a candidate.  Important, yes.  Most important, not so sure.

I found this great article the other day by Shannon at ROCKS IN MY DRYER and loved it.   Go here to see the article:  Blogher – why I'm pro-life

One question that I always want to ask people when they picket outside abortion clinics and want to kill anyone that has had an abortion is how they feel about the death penalty.

For me I grew up believing in the death penalty.  That is what I was taught and that was all I knew.  I remember a time in high school when my friend Emily challenged these ideas.  It was the first time I had ever heard anyone not believe in the death penalty.  Keep in mind I grew  up in the great state of Texas where we have executed more than any other state.

Going through college I decided I wasn't for or against it.  I just wasn't sure.  I mean how could we kill someone?  But what if that someone killed my mom?  Then what would I think?

I would have to say that now my views have changed.  I'm just not sure that Jesus would really want us to kill anyone.  I by no means am a bible scholar, but I'm thinking that line of thinking doesn't line up well with what Jesus taught while he was here on earth.  He was about love.  He was about restoration.  He was about forgiveness.  He was about life.  He was never about death.  (I am not saying no consequences for actions, I am saying no death for actions)

A question that has come up often in my head these days is, what if it was my son on death row?  Then what would I think?  Would my opinions and views change?  We know a man who his son is on death row.  Bart was convicted of orchestrating a plan to kill his whole family.  His dad lived and is now his biggest advocate.  Why?  He loves his son.  I am pretty certain he detest what his son has done, and I'm sure they've had many heart to hearts but in the end he has forgiven him and he loves his son.

This is such a hard topic.  I by no means write this blog to try and change anyone's mind.  No way is that my agenda here.  I would like to open up a healthy and good discussion to people.  Do you think you can be pro-life and pro-death (penalty)?  In my eyes it doesn't add up and doesn't make sense, but I want to hear from you.  Don't be shy.  I have many people that I love dearly that don't agree with me, no hard feelings.  That is the best thing about America we can have our own opinions and we have the freedom to do so.

I was shocked to see that only one candidate buying for our votes to run our country is against the death penalty.  Anyone know who it is?

Jamie Ivey