At a girls night recently we started talking about panties.  I'm not sure how it happened or who brought it up, but none the less we were discussing each others panties and why they wore what they wore.  I was the oldest one in the group, the one married the longest, and the one with the most kids.  That information may not be relative, but I'm using it to my advantage when I explain what went down next.

I confessed to my girls that I never wore pretty panties.  They all gasped and couldn't believe that I would fall into the temptation of living in granny-panties, and that I actually admitted it to other ladies.  The three that wore only pretty panties have been married the least amount of time.  Does this make a difference?

They asked me why, and when did this happen, and most importantly what did Aaron think about this.  I actually remember when this switch happened for me.  I was getting ready for my first trip to Haiti and bought a whole package of cotton undies for the trip.  What happened next in my life was that I realized how comfy these panties were and I was sold.  I never thought of asking Aaron, I just went with it!  I mean it's my body, right?!?  I then told them that it didn't matter to Aaron.  He's never said anything, and besides I don't think he really cares what kind of undies I wear.

We all laughed a lot and I told them that I was gonna pick up a pair of pretty panties next time I was at Target.  Well fast forward about a week or two and I was at Target and remembered the vow I had made to my girls to try some pretty panties.  I found some and made the purchase.  I was proud.  I texted them all to let them know that I had made the purchase!  That night was date night and so I thought I'd see if these panties really made a difference or not.

Aaron and I were enjoying a great night when I dropped the bomb on him and told him that I had bought new panties and they were “pretty panties”.  I then told him the whole story about me talking with my girls and how I had told them that he really didn't care anyways.

What happened next blew my mind and if you are a wife and only wear grandma panties I'm about to rock your marriage.  Guess what?  Aaron did care.  He did notice.  He just is too sweet to say anything.  He went on to explain that it's the little things that mean a lot to him.  When I wear make up and fix my hair for the day and have nothing going on, he notices.  When I dress in something other than jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes, he notices and loves it.  When I take care of my body, he notices.  Even what I wear under my clothes is noticed by my man.

I'm telling you this ladies to share with you that what we do is noticed.  Wearing pretty panties instead of grandma panties says something to your man.   Putting on lipstick for no reason says something to your man.  Taking care of our bodies says something to our men.

If you happen to be like I used to be and didn't have pretty panties, I'm urging you now to go get some and see if your man notices.  I bet he will!