I just sat here tonight and tried to determine what month my kids would arrive home. I went through all the stages of the haitian adoption process and tried to figure it out. Ha! That is what I have to say about that waste of time! There is NO way to know. I just heard that Barbara had four kids receive their visas this week and one of them was 10 months for the whole adoption process. WOW! I could only dream of something like that happening to us.

I think we may have entered IBESR in the past few days or we will next week. I know it is close, and can't wait to find out the exact date so I can begin the countdown to being one step closer to Amos and Story coming home! I will update you when I know something!

Today Aaron was giving the boys a snack and Cayden said …. “after this snack we'll need to get more crackers so we'll have some for Amos & Story.” I tell you these kids are ALWAYS thinking of the brother and sister that they've never met but only pray for every night and talk about all day long in a very far off land, that mommy flew to on an airplane! Not only do I constantly pray that Amos & Story react well to our home and God can mold their hearts to ours, but I pray that for my two boys here. I pray that God will plant in them a sibling love that shouldn't be there b/c they are not blood related, but is put there by a BIG God who can do anything. I pray he molds all four of them together so that they have a special bond that no one will ever be able to break. That they love each other with a deep love rooted in God's love. I pray that they will bond quickly with each other and be each other's biggest fan!

I can not wait until all four of my kids are together under one roof. If you are wondering ….I'm hoping our kids are home for Valentine's Day 2009. Crazy? Probably. But a mom can dream, right?