Our little boy – pray for safety, comfort, his nutritional needs to be met and for him to feel our love from hundreds of miles away. We also know that his mom is not a believer and has chosen to not parent him. She lives in Port-au- Prince and is believed to run with a local gang, so we pray for her life to be saved and that she would some day come to know the Lord. Pray for comfort for our little boy's step-grandpa who had been caring for him and was no longer able to.

Rescue Center – pray for them to receive the new materials that they need, for the ladies that work there and care for the 50-60 children that are there at any time, for them to love our baby boy, and for them to receive the much needed medical supplies and baby supplies that they constantly need to run the RC and clinic.

Our family – Pray for patience as we wait the approximately 18 months to bring our baby home. Pray for us to fill out all the many forms correctly since we are doing this adoption independent of any agency. Pray for guidance and ideas on fundraising for this adoption. Pray for our boys as they wait for their new brother to come home, since that is rather confusing for a 3 and 1 year old!

Money – Pray for our finances for this adoption to fall into place. We know that we don’t have an extra $10,000 for an adoption right now, and know that God is big and can do much more than we ever imagined he could ever do. Over the next month, we are going to need $1,000 for a home study, $700 for an I600 form, $3500 for our first payemnt to our facilitator and $150 for a translator fee for some of our documents. So, we are a little stressed about this money showing up before the end of September, but we also know that God is big and will provide somehow.