It is so weird when things start happening to your parents. It seems as though that's not supposed to happen until I'm old and they are REALLY old. This past January my mom (the healthiest one in our family) suffered two heart attacks. YES I just said two. She was told they were from stress. A few weeks ago my dad had to go to the hospital b/c of some weird things that were happening to him. Yesterday he received the results from some testing that was done and yes he probably has some blockage in the lower part of his heart. Tomorrow morning he goes in for the procedure to check it out and fix it. The way he explains it is that they won't know how bad/good it is until they get in there.

As their child, I have experienced two times this year the feeling of “oh my gosh what if something happens to my mom or dad” and let me just say I DO NOT LIKE IT one bit. I can't phathom the thought of one of my parents leaving us. They both love God will their heart and would spend forever with him, but selfishly I would really like them to be here a long time!

I have been reminded a lot lately that things are out of our control. My mom had a heart attack in January. My cousin-in-law lost her very healthy dad to a heart attack this year. My dad's heart problems have been scary for me. Deacon is still having surgeries and last week Aaron had some moles removed that the dermatologist didn't like (which I'm sure they are nothing, but you know I'm the worrying type). All of these things are out of my control and that is super hard for me! I like to know what is going on and have some control in it.

If you read this tonight would you please pray for my dad tomorrow morning. Pray that it isn't bad. Pray that the doctor can do what he needs to do. Pray for my dad to have peace and comfort during the procedure.

UPDATE: Doctor went in this morning and there is NOTHING wrong with his heart. NOTHING. NOT ONE THING. I am beyond grateful to God for this news. NOTHING. Did you read that? NO BLOCKAGE!

Also, Aaron got results back and moles are all clear. 🙂

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*summer 2010 – Nana & Pops will all the grandkids!

Jamie Ivey