Please pray for the Chapman family tonight and in the coming weeks. Their youngest daughter was accidentally struck by a car in her family's driveway. She later passed away at the hospital.  I truly can not even comprehend this tragedy that this family is going through.

It is at times like these that I wonder what the heck God is doing and if he truly even does know what he is doing. I completely believe in my head that he does and know that my human mind can't comprehend his ways, but this seems awful.

I am reminding myself that I trust in God and know he is good even when things don't look good. I trust that God loves us all and has a bigger picture in mind. I trust that God will journey with them on this journey and that God will grant them the strength they need for each day. I know and trust that when all is bad, God is still good.

I bawled tonight as I prayed to God with the boys for this family. I cried out to God on behalf of the Chapman family. My boys hugged on me and we talked about what happened. I told them that Maria was in heaven with Jesus and God. With the most sincere look in his eyes, Cayden asked me if she went to God's house on an airplane. I told him I didn't know but assured him that she was with Jesus and was happy now.

Oh God please comfort the whole Chapman family and especially Maria's brothers and sisters.

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Jamie Ivey