So, how was your Halloween last night? We made it through the night and neither of the boys realized they missed a thing! 🙂 Mission accomplished!

$25 saved on a costume for BIg Boy
$25 saved on a costume for LIttle Boy
$10 saved on buying candy
$60 saved

I call that a good night!

I took the boys to the park and had plans on going to a Fall Festival but Big Boy pooped in his pants at the park – yes he is almost four and has hardly ever done that post-diapers, but oh yeah we did it yesterday. HE was beside himself that I had to throw away his Lightning McQueen undies, but they weren't going on the van with us! So, I didn't feel comfortable taking them to the festival with Big Boy going comando and all!

So, we came home did dinner, baths and boys were in bed by 7:30 – GREAT NIGHT!

I completley FORGOT to buy candy so I was praying that no sweet little kids would stop by wanting to get their sticky fingers all over my candy. Funny thing is that my porch light went out the night before and I think this did the trick for me.

About 8:30 a knock at the door. What? It is so dark these must be BIG kids and I'll tell them to go away, go home and do their homework and I have no candy for them. But oh no it was cute little pumpkins, princesses and one scary vampire. I dug through the drawer where I hide the kids candy (for me to eat of course!) and came up with 2 lollipops, a kit kat and a box of raisins. Poor kid that got the raisins!

So, now it's November and our minds are turning to Aaron heading to Peru, the New Friends Dinner that our adoption agency puts on, heading to Texas for Thanksgiving, Spur gigs in the great state of TEXAS, and getting all of our paperwork notarized, authenticated and translated by the end of this month!

happy November 1st to you!

Jamie Ivey