Here are the thoughts in my mind today as I clean from top to bottom ….

  • Where can I find bath toys that don’t hold water?
  • Where can I find something to hold bath toys that doesn’t hold water, break after 2 months, and doesn’t cost a fortune?
  • What could I do with all the change I pull out of pockets while doing laundry?
  • Why does the toilet bowl cleaner holder gross me out? There is always water standing there from the brush. Can’t there be a better way to store that brush?
  • Why do I love the smell of clean? I hear that the smell is not really clean though it is just a lot of chemicals filling your air. How can we have safe air and clean?
  • Toilets gross me out and that is why I refuse to throw up in them. I use plastic bags!

Okay so technically I didn’t clean from top to bottom today but tomorrow is a new day and more cleaning!  The funny thing about cleaning is that it is NEVER done!  That is why I hate to do it because it will be done again and again and again.

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