In the past few months I’ve had the honor to be a guest on a few shows and host another one. As a podcaster it’s really fun to be on another show. I’m used to being the one that asks the questions and leads the conversation, and here I’m having to be led and not try to run the show!

The PopCast – On this show the hosts of The Popcast, Knox & Jamie, sent me questions ahead of time, I recorded my answers, and then they respond to them in their show. It makes the interaction fun because they are literally responding to my answers and I don’t get to defend myself! These guys crack me up and their show is all about pop-culture, which is something I am super I’m super lame in!

Around The Table – This is a podcast hosted by Jacey & Maggie and they invited me to join them on their Friday Lunch Break show. We chatted about family vacations, podcasting, and social media fasts.

The Better Part with Wendy Hogan – Wendy is a new podcaster and we chatted about my podcasting journey, adoption, and lots more!

The Influence Podcast – This is a podcast that I get to host a few episodes with them each year. On this episode, I was able to interview my friend Debra Parker on all things she’s doing to help sex trafficking victims in her city.

I’ve recently been interviewed for two more shows that will air soon, and I can’t wait to share those with you as well! What podcasts are you listening to these days? Leave them in the comment for us all to see what we should be listening to!

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