This weekend I attending a conference all about podcasting. It's the first conference that I've attended in a long time where I didn't have some sort of responsibility, and it's the first time I think I have ever been to a conference that wasn't centered around faith. Looks like I'm expanding my horizons wouldn't you say?

I learned a lot. I always giggle because podcasting is so out of the box for me. It's technical, and I'm not technical. It's tedious, and I'm not tedious. It has lots of little details that matter, and I like to skip over little details. Which in cooking doesn't turn out too bad (who really needs cumin when it calls for it?!?!?), but in podcasting can really cause some frustration.


Girls{Jamie from The PopCast, Sarah the creator of Neighbors Table, and Jacey from Around the Table}

Not only was it packed with learning, but I met up with three friends that I adore. One of them I had never met in person. We have skyped a lot, and I was even on her podcast recently but it was the first time I got to hug her neck. One I had met last year at Influence, and one I traveled to Uganda with this past Spring. I know to most of you I seem like an extrovert, and for the most part I am, but if you put me in a room with 1100 people where I only know 3 and I get nervous. I am not a good networker, and not good at starting up random conversation with strangers. I know it doesn't seem like me, but really I'm just a weird girl on the inside!

Hopefully I'll have a new episode of the Happy Hour up for you guys today, but once again I want to take my computer and throw it against the wall, so we'll see if it cooperates with me today. I'll be telling a sweet Apple employee this today, so hopefully they will fix all my problems.

In the mean time I want to share some new podcasts that I have recently found that you might be interested in.


Top left: Start Up by Alex Blumberg

I heard Alex talk this weekend, and my friend Jamie told me I should check out this podcast that he started last year where he actually records the process of starting a start up. See how he got the name? Anyhow, I loved the fist episode and since yesterday have listened to four. I'm completely bought in with the story and wanting to know how this all ends up, even though I kinda know how it ends because I know about his company now!

Top Right: Reply All

This show is a show about the internet. Jamie also told me about this show, and it's put out by the same people that put out Start Up, so I trust them. I listened to one episode yesterday and it was about a whole group of teenage girls that think two of the guys in One Direction are in love with each other and they took to twitter to try and locate the “girlfriend” that they don't think exists. It was interesting and plain entertaining. I don't think I'll go back and listen to all the ones I missed, but I'll for sure keep listening with they come out.

Bottom Left: WTF with Marc Maron

Okay huge clarification here. This show is explicit. I'm fairly certain that you knew that from the title, but if not, now you know. Marc was a keynote speaker at the conference I just attended this past weekend and was great. He also recently had a guest you might have heard of on his show named Barak Obama. Yes the President of the United States of America was recently on his show. So on the way home yesterday I downloaded that episode and gave it a listen. I loved it. Now, I am not saying I will continue to subscribe because I'm not sure how explicit his shows are. So remember that when you head out to listen!

Bottom Right: Off Camera with Sam Jones

Again Jamie told me about this show (apparently she knows all the good things in life) and guys I need you to go now and subscribe. It's brilliant. Sam is a great question asker, and the interviews flow so meticulously that you think he planned it all that way, but then you realize they are just chatting and you get to listen in.  This might be a show that I would want to use as an inspiration. I loved every episode I listened to this weekend, and I did listen to three. I will pass on the same information that Jamie told me, start with Matt Damon. You won't be disappointed.

Left: Paws & Tales

Okay full disclosure here, I know nothing about this except that it is story telling for kids and includes truths from God's word. I played this show this morning for my kids on the way to school and all the boys as kindly as they could muster told me they didn't like it because it was “babyish”. And frankly they are right. I'm sure it's lovely and Story (who is 7 and a girl) actually said she liked it, maybe when the too-cool-for-school brothers aren't with us we'll listen to more.

It would be great for small children in the car and I think each episode is about 30 minutes. It keeps their brain moving, and we all want that for our kids, right!

Top Right: Read-Aloud Revival

This podcast is to help you and your family build a culture around books. I listened to the episode about Summer reading with your kids, and although my kids are already back in school, it was full of great book recommendations and tips for getting your kids to read different genres of books. If you are a momma you will enjoy this show.

Bottom Right: The Mystery Show

This is put out by the same people that do Start Up and Reply All, and of course you guessed it, my friend Jamie told me about it. I have listened to 3 episodes so far, and I have to say it is kinda growing on me. It's different and the format is not something I'm used to, or enjoy, but there's story telling with humor and that makes me happy. Skip the first episode, it's the worst, and I'm not just being mean about that, she has even said that herself. Starlee has a unique way of telling a story that you think you don't care about and having you want to keep listening.

If you are still new to podcasting and have no clue as to how to listen to any of these shows, let me help you out. First of all you can listen to them right from your computer if you want. Or you could download them from iTunes straight on to your device (and remember I already told you how to do that!), or if you don't have an Apple product you could use Stitcher and download from there (get the Stitcher app for your phone). There are plenty of ways!

So, what shows did you listen to this weekend, or what shows are you currently loving? Leave a comment so we all know.

Hopefully I will have a fixed computer and episode #49 with Jenn Sprinkle will be uploaded today. And after 49 comes 50! Yes I made it to FIFTY episodes, and Jen Hatmaker will be back and joining us for a super fun show with lots of stuff to give away!